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Cory Crowley, Founding Partner

Cory Crowley & Company was founded with a vision to enhance our clients' ability to bring their important message to national debates as well as those in states throughout America and countries around the world. 


At our firm, we understand the unique needs and interests of each client and we shape an aggressive public relations approach based on your objectives. We enhance our client’s government relations strategies by providing proven skills and techniques that lead to success.


Inherent in the ability to affect change is a primary knowledge of the inner-workings of government.  Our founder's nearly two decades of experience in government, politics, and years advising some of the largest companies in the world places our firm in an ideal position to help clients achieve an effective public relations strategy.

Cory Headshot_edited.jpg

The current political climate often breeds thoughts of cynicism and hopelessness, but it is this team’s experience and expertise that guides clients through the turbulence of dealing with a variety of constituencies and audiences and allows us to build successful strategies for your future.  Let our firm use the tools gleaned from decades of experience to achieve public policy goals you may have previously thought impossible.

Additionally, our firm operates at the intersection of policy and politics.  We provide in depth campaign consulting services - advising candidates and office holders at all levels of government concerning their campaign's strategy, messaging, and fundraising.  We've helped elect proven leaders and won some of the most hotly contested races in the country.​  

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